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Amit Jain
Consultant Pediatrician, Shree Nursing Home, Gondia, India

Address for Correspondence: Dr Amit Jain, Shree nursing home, Gondia M.S. India.
Question :
Spot diagnosis

What is the diagnosis?

Discussion :
Posteromedial tibial bowing. Tibial bowing specifically refers to bowing of the diaphysis of the tibia with the apex of the deformity directed anterolaterally, anteromedially, or posteromedially. Anterolateral bowing is associated with pseudarthrosis of the tibia and neurofibromatosis. Anteromedial bowing is associated with fibular hemimelia. Posteromedial bowing is a congenital bowing of the tibia {with the apex directed posteriorly and medially} and a calcaneovalgus foot deformity. Both of these deformities tend to resolve with little clinical disability` however, a leg-length inequality commonly develops that often requires treatment. Initial treatment of the tibial bowing foot deformity includes stretching, serial casting, or splinting. The bowing deformity rapidly corrects. A 50 percent correction is usually seen by age 2 years, although a mild deformity often persists.

Last Updated: 1st July 2010 Vol 7 Issue 7 Art # 43

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