Case Study - UTI, Pneumonia and Febrile Neutropenia

print 22/04/2016
Case Study - UTI, Pneumonia and Febrile Neutropenia
Pediatric oncall a video created about some really unbelievable medical cases of Urinary tract infection, pneumonia and febrile neutropenia that helps Doctors & Medical students. Watch the video to learn more :-)




Urinary tract infection-prevent this situation secondary to recurrent UTI, What are the risk factors UTI, worry about recurrent UTI, drug treatment of recurrent UTI and how to take care of
Pneumonia in children- Persistent difference recurrent pneumonia, what are the likely causes of patient, what are the common organisms that cause recurrent pneumonia and antibiotic of choice, Why are Asthma and Tb mentioned as causes of recurrent pneumonia, Congenital anomalies leading to recurrent pneumonia and clinical examination.
Febrile Neutropenia-How to diagnose catheter related infection, How to choose an anti-fungal agent, what common cause febrile neutropenia, How long to give antibiotics and Key message for managing a child with febrile neutropenia…

Please watch: "Dr. Rakesh Kumar : About India's Vaccine Scenario | pediatric Oncall "
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