Dr. Ira Shah : How Much to Investigate Neonatal Cholestasis | Pediatric Oncall

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Dr. Ira Shah : How Much to Investigate Neonatal Cholestasis | Pediatric Oncall
Dr Ira Shah talks about Neonatal cholestasis- liver diseases case of 5 months old baby. Investigated on neonatal cholestasis ..Its brief about direct hyperbilirubinemia-Etiologies is basic distinction is between extrahepatic etiologies and intrahepatic etiologies. Extrahepatic etiologies are extrahepatic biliary atresia choledochal cyst, bile duct stenosis, spontaneous perforation of the bile duct cholelithiasis, inspissated bile/mucus plug and extrinsic compression of the bile duct. Intrahepatic etiologies are idiopathic, Toxic, Genetic /chromosomal, infectious, metabolic and miscellaneous.




Brief primer on disorders of amino acid metabolism, disorders of lipid metabolism, Disorders of bile Acid metabolism, miscellaneous metabolic disorders, basic evaluation, metabolic work-up, radiological evaluation, invasive studies, limitations of liver biopsy, role of HIDA-our experience, role of MRCP.

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