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Posted On : 02 Sep 2021
How to prevent bloodstream infections from umbilical venous catheters? Can we let UVC without dressing(uncover)?
Expert Answer :
Strict precautions in handling the UVC is the only recommended method for preventing CR-BSI. Moreover, the catheter should be removed once the requirement is over. As a reasonable practice, a UVC should be removed and a long line {PICC line} should be inserted if IV access is still needed. The connections to the UVC should be kept to the minimum and should be preferably changed every 24 hours. Any medications administered through the UVC should be with strict aseptic precautions. The hub and connections can be preferably covered and wrapped with sterile gauze to prevent contamination with body fluids, etic. The umbilical stump must be kept covered with a sterile transparent dressing.
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