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Posted On : 12 Aug 2021
Can we give potassium in dehydrated with good urine after shock therapy with raised renal function?
Expert Answer :
Potassium in maintenance doses can be given in IV fluids if the condition has NOT progressed to Intrinsic Renal Failure following pre-renal failure. However, the safe maximum concentration in IV fluids of 40 mEq/L should not be exceeded in routine /cases except if close monitoring is not possible. Potassium is especially required if there is profuse watery diarrhea leading to dehydration.
Answer Discussion :
Rajesh Wankhede
Yes we can give maintenance kcl until pt is nbm ,after oral intake allowed we can stop.
2 years ago
Adewale Owa
If making good urine and potassium level is low or if child has diabetic ketoacidosis, potassium supplementation is needed.
2 years ago
Surabhi Shah
We should not
2 years ago

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