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Posted On : 16 Sep 2021
What is the difference between BioVac and Havarix Vaccines? How they are different?
Expert Answer :
Biovac A is a Live vaccine. Very little data is available in English literature. Small trials from India shows More than 95 percent seroconversion. There are no longterm data. Some of the Chinese reports recommends two doses for 100 percent seroconversion. Mainly used in China.
Havarix is a killed vaccine. It also gives 95 percent serocoversion with one dose and 100 percent seroconversion with two doses. Very safe vaccine and used extensively all over world. Lots of articles and data in the english literature.
One can use any vaccine. IAP recommends two doses for both the vaccines.
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Nasir Ahamed
Dont know
2 years ago

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