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Posted On : 25 Sep 2021
Around 50-year-old patient came to the emergency department in phc with an unknown bite. The patient is conscious, oriented and his BP 120/70 and pulse was 80 per min regular, whole blood clotting time is 5 minutes, no fang marks and swelling seen on bite sit, the patient complains of severe pain at the bite site. He was treated with inj. betnesol, inj. TT, inj. Lignocaine as local suddenly after 10 minutes patient developed respiratory distress, and became disoriented, pupils dilated fully, at that time BP was 120/80 and pulse 80 per min. The patient started with IV fluids and oxygen. The patient was referred to a higher institute. On the way to the hospital, the patient expired. What was the possible cause? In snake bite pupil dilatation is possible are not? How can I manage this case in a peripheral setup?
Expert Answer :
Snakebite can be neurotoxic or vascular toxic. Since this patient seems to have developed neurological signs, it may suggest a snake bite.
Answer Discussion :
Jalal Haider
Patient was given logician iv instead of local... Thats why she died due to respiratory depression
2 years ago
John Steigner
lidocaine adverse reaction
2 years ago

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