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Posted On : 14 Oct 2021
What is the management of the patient with a fever with fits?
Expert Answer :
On the basis of risk, benefit analysis, neither long-term nor intermittent anticonvulsant therapy is indicated for children who have experienced 1 or more simple febrile seizures. Only Paracetamol and Diazepam or Clobazam are required for fever prophylaxis. No specific studies are indicated for a simple febrile seizure. Strongly consider lumbar puncture in children younger than 12 months, because the signs and symptoms of bacterial meningitis may be minimal or absent in this age group.
Answer Discussion :
Dr. Sandeep Raina
it depends upon age of the patient. If the age is between 6 months and 60 months and its a simple febrile seizure , just wait and watch. Otherwise look for the cause of the seizure like meningitis, fever provoked seizure in epilepsy
1 month ago
MuradAli Khan
Give antipyretics ,iv diazepam and treat the cause
1 month ago
Mahmoud Mohamed
put under water and use antipyretics
1 month ago
Dorence Simuntala
manage the fever and the fits with antipyeritics and anticonvulsant respectively whilst you wait for the blood slide and the complete blood count
1 month ago
Afaf Mustafa
depends on age , whether patient returned to baseline quickly after fit, pretreatment with antibiotics, presence of lateralization signs...
1 month ago

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