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Posted On : 07 Oct 2021
Is the single dose of live Hepatitis A Vaccine (Biovac A) better in respect to the seroconversion and prolong protection than the two-dose schedule of inactivated hepatitis A vaccine.
Expert Answer :
The inactivated Hep A vaccine is FDA approved and in use all over the world with proven efficacy in a prime-boost schedule. In the present-day immunization program, we have started recommending 2 doses even for live vaccines like Measles, MMR, Varicella, etc. Hence the IAP Committee on Immunization felt the even for Live Hep A vaccine 2 doses may be ideal. recent multicentric trials on BioVac A had concluded that a single dose is highly immunogenic but how long the protection lasts is a question mark, since long-term follow-up results of infants who received a single dose are yet to be tabulated in the Indian context.
However in private practice where the risk of breakthrough infection can not be predicted it is better to adapt 2 dose schedule in my opinion
Answer Discussion :
lenard kandapo
yes it may be better
18 Days ago
Liliia Demianenko
Live vaccine is better I think
18 Days ago
Dr. Sandeep Raina
single dose is better

18 Days ago
2 doses of inactivated are better
18 Days ago
yes i think so
19 Days ago

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