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Posted On : 27 Oct 2021
In shock state after fluid resuscitation up to which time we should expect the child to pass urine?
Expert Answer :
You may have to wait for 1-2 hours. If no urine output, you may have to catheterize to see if the bladder is having urine and to monitor urine output on an hourly basis.
Answer Discussion :
malathi lingasamy
1 month ago
Alireza Khoshnami
60 min.
1 month ago
murali pk
Is there a fixed time? It is reasonable to say that if kidneys are perfused well after fluid resuscitations he will pass urine provided kidney is functional and the fluid is not diverted to third space
1 month ago
Edith Ngenda
30 minutes
1 month ago
shanthi shanthi
4 hours
1 month ago

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