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Posted On : 18 Nov 2021
In children less than 5 years of age in seasonal, Cough which are usually viral in origin. The Cough takes a long to recover, parents ask for Various remedies. What we should we do? What exact symptomatic treatment we can advise them for relief of cough? How long does it take when the cough is without fever?
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Post viral cough can persist for weeks to months at times. There is little evidence that inhaled steroids or other cough remedies are effective in treating these symptoms. Cough suppressants are also not recommended in most children less than 6 years of age. There is some suggestion that leukotriene-receptor antagonists may have some benefit in this situation.
Answer Discussion :
Ebtihal Khalid
Though cough is very irritant for both child and parents and usually persist between 7-10 days it really resolve by itself and usually honey with warm water and soup is enough otherwise if there is a cause for cough so it needs proper treatment .
2 years ago
Dr. Sandeep Raina
in my practice and experience I have concluded that Honnitus by Dabur has best results in such a scenario. Though we read that post viral infections , the airways become hyper reactive , but bronchodilators, anti histaminics do not help in clinical scenarios . I recommend Dabur Honnitus
2 years ago
cool mist humidifier, especially at night; antitussive cough syrup and/or honey-lemon by the teaspoon or in a tea. can take up to 4-6 weeks to completely clear.
2 years ago
khalid mansy
2 years ago
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No way to give antihistamines if no evidence of allergy. I consider this a big mistake in the art of medicine. I recommend the parents to give antitussiva- there are many herbal syrups that molify the cough, as well as syrups and suspensions which liquify the secret in the throat and plenty of herbal teas. Plus the chicken soup ??
2 years ago

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