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Posted On : 02 Dec 2021
I was told that steam inhalation in children should not be advised because it hurts the mucosa of the trachea and bronchus, it is true?
Expert Answer :
Steam inhalation should not cause injury to the mucosa of the trachea and bronchi unless it is very hot Even then, it is the nasal or oral mucosa or even face and skin that can be injured. The upper airway conditions the inhaled air and protects the lower airway. The use of steam inhalation in various medical conditions is a separate question in itself.
Answer Discussion :
Orest Tatienou
True for dry steam as it causes dehydration and possible injury to mucosa. on the other hand moist/wet steam should have cause problem
2 years ago
Tesfaye Mekonnen
2 years ago
Naga Raju
false...bcz every steam has a level at wich point it can burn.but it also depends on temperature of the steam .
2 years ago
subhash babu
2 years ago
preterm baby
2 years ago

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