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Posted On : 23 Dec 2021
What is the role of Folic acid and Folinic acid in Hemoglobinopathies?
Expert Answer :
The Erythron in Hbpathies has expanded several fold and it can efficiently regulate its Iron needs by controlling Hepcidin and thus iron absorption and release into circulation for erythropoiesis by secreting GDF 15 and TWGF soluble factors which can control hepcidin expression` but this expanded erythropoiesis also places a demand on other nutrients like folic acid, B12, and other essential requirements. Since Folic acid has a limited reserve its chances of getting depleted and aggravating anemia is very high. This can be prevented by regular Folic acid supplementation. Folinic acid is expensive and has no additional advantage over folic acid.
Answer Discussion :
Bhavya kondaka kondaka
Promotes erythropoeisis
2 years ago
it helps in Dna synthesis that is important for erythropoeisis
2 years ago
khalid mansy
Is important for dna synthesid
2 years ago
Hailey Driscoll
supplementation for improved erythropoesis?
2 years ago
???? ????
to increase RBC
2 years ago

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