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Posted On : 06 Jan 2022
A 14 years old girl is having pain in her fingers (mp joint) which increases in writing. What could be the investigation to confirm the diagnosis?
Expert Answer :
Extensor tendinitis, CBC, CRP, USG of the tendons esp at the extensor expansion in experienced musculoskeletal USG expert guidance, rule out rheumatoid, otherwise, proceed with treatment of complete rest from writing 2 weeks, NSAIDs, local ice pack and hot water fomentation alt.
Answer Discussion :
Bijayalaxmi Shrestha
Xray hand, rheumatic factor, vit D level
11 Days ago
Namal Satharasinghe
Xray, rh factor, ESR, ANA
11 Days ago
Dr mohamed
13 Days ago
Barbara Baugher
hand xray esr, csr RF
14 Days ago
Thirumalesha R L
X ray
vit D, B12

14 Days ago

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