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Posted On : 03 Feb 2022
A 10 years boy is having severe growth retardation. His other brother and sister are having normal height. His bone is found to be 3 years. What investigation other than T3 T4 TSH we should do?
Expert Answer :
Growth hormone levels will also have to be assessed to rule out Growth Hormone deficiency.
Answer Discussion :
emna sfar
9 months ago
Barbara Baugher
growth hormone bone scan
10 months ago
Ahmed Hashem
x.ray for bone aging cbc diff
pelvi abd us
growth hormone

10 months ago
Sal Shaw
together Iga growth hormone provocation skeletal survey
10 months ago
Ebtihal Khalid
although the history is breif but nutritional cause is a factor in short stature, screen for infection by doing culture of urine ,stool, &CBC inadition serum transglutaminase for celiac disease and any cardiac disease if present .
10 months ago

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