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Posted On : 17 Feb 2022
We should give an ATT to asymptomatic Mantoux-positive children less than 5 years of age. What is your opinion?
Expert Answer :
For children with latent TB, is less than 5 years, 6 months of INH is recommended.
Answer Discussion :
Peeyush Padmesh
Yes…not complete att as such.INH AND RIfampicin prophylaxis is advisable
2 years ago
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2 years ago
Ebtihal Khalid
no need to give it for child < 5years because he received BCG vaccine before so the result of Mantoux will be already positive
2 years ago
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I think yes. And repeat Manthoux after 3 months
2 years ago
Wardah Beenish
Mantoux test should be interpreted with the size 5, 10 or 15 mm and then decided on the basis of Risk/ Exposure.
2 years ago

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