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Posted On : 09 Dec 2021
When should we go for MCU in a baby with bilateral hydronephrosis with bilateral hydroureter and what is the best time for surgery in PUV and bilateral VUR?
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Is MCU the same as a void cystourethrogram? If this is so, our Unit does this around 6 weeks. Regarding repair, if there is a significant obstruction on a MAG3 scan done at around 6 weeks to 3 months, we aim for surgical repair at the time.
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As there is a good chance to reduce VUR spontaneously within the first few months, I would wait until the baby is around 1 year old. With conservative treatment and tight monitoring of renal function every three months including US and laboratory investigations.
2 years ago
Dr mohamed
No actual time, once the baby become stable , surgery can be done.. however If scarring is bilateral and severe, progressive chronic kidney disease may develop. Progressive scarring needs an assessment of the bladder and may be an indication for surgical intervention.
2 years ago
Joeleen Naidoo
2 years ago
Anita Manoj
as early as possible
2 years ago
Venkata Subramanian
MCU-Within a day after birth.Surgery as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed by MCI
2 years ago

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