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Posted On : 16 Dec 2021
The patient is a 7-year-old male child. He has past h/o complex febrile seizures. till the age of 6 years. the last attack was nearly 7-8 months back. Now for 1-2 years, he has had certain abnormal behavior like eating too much, hyperactive behavior, pica in form of eating full-length papers. his younger brother is fine and 6 years old but a lot of differences in their health status and behavior. no family h/o is relevant. Kindly guide me whether any like and the approach for such a patient.
Expert Answer :
Please rule out lead toxicity by checking serum lead and iron deficiency, worm infestation. Prolonged seizures can cause some cognitive slowing but in your patient, there seems to be some other disease process going on. Is he having staring spells? A routine EEG followed by a trial of ADHD medication may help. He may have had cognitive and attention issues for a long time, now getting more noticed as he gets older.
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2 years ago
Ebtihal Khalid
These symptoms including hyperactivity ,polyphagia may be due to anti epileptic drug side effect though EEG and MRI are mandatory .
2 years ago
Moneim Hikam
The child May Develope ADHD
2 years ago
shanthi shanthi
eating disorder with epilepsy could be due to temporal lobe lesions . Is it due to psychological problem or due to antiepileptic medication? Child requires an MRI and psychological evaluation
2 years ago
Obtain drug levels for side effects if any drug(s) for complex febrile seizures is being given.

Besides this an EEG and MRI needed to rule out other abnormalities

2 years ago

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