Dr. Ira Shah | Infections to which a Clinician is at Risk

Dr. Ira Shah | Infections to which a Clinician is at Risk
Dr. Ira Shah talks about the Infections to which a Clinician is at Risk.
Talk consists of:
Infectious agents that Healthcare Workers (HCW) are exposed to;
Needle Stick Injuries;
Hepatitis B Vaccine;
Avg Risk % of acquiring HIV, Hep B, Hep C after occupational exposure;
NACO recommendations of Pose Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP);
HIV - Exposure codes and Source codes, PEP Regimens;
Hep B & Hep C PEP;
Vaccinations for HCW;
Case Discussion;
Airborne Infection Control;
How to perform Sputum Induction;
Minimum Air changes per hour for various Health Care Settings;
Standard Precautions: Hand Hygiene, Contact, Droplet, Airbourne, Disease-Specific Isolations;
Disinfection & Conclusion.


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