Tuberculosis - Causes | Symptoms | Diagnosis | Treatment - Update 2015

print 17/01/2015
Tuberculosis - Causes | Symptoms | Diagnosis | Treatment - Update 2015
Lecture by Dr Ira Shah on TB.
This video is intended for how to treat tuberculosis disease purposes only. Please follow the policy and procedures that your institution requires. Tuberculosis epidemiology most cases occur s in young children less than 5 years, most disease occurs within 2 years after exposure infection ,TB disease affect 80000 children die, Risk of TB as per age, What is TB definition, TB infection, Tb disease, Pulmonary PTB, Extrapulmonary EPTB, Diagnosis of TB, A bacteriologically confirmed TB, Clinically diagnosed TB case, Probable TB disease, At least one of the signs and symptoms suggestive of TB disease, Possible TB disease, Diagnosis of TB Genexpert, Typical symptoms of TB duration greater than 2 weeks, Mortality rates of TB, Treatment of TB drug doses, Treatment regimes, Four drugs RHZE,HIV endemic areas, Children with pulmonary TB or tuberculous peripheral lymphadenitis in low HIV prevalence, Overview of TB diseases symptoms, Infant born to mother with TB, Preventive therapy, Drug resistance TB, Monoresistance, Polydrug resistance, Multidrug resistance, Extensive drug resistance, Rifampicin resistance, Pathways leading to drug resistance overview, MDR TB, Types of MDR in clinical setting, Bacteriologically confirmed, Clinically diagnosed MDR TB, Diagnosis of drug resistance TB, Phenotypic DST conventional DST, Genotypic DST molecular DST, Treatment principles of MDR TB, Drugs for TB groups explanation, Treatment duration of TB, Treatment outcome of MDR TB in children, Treatment results TB.
Our experience in tuberculosis TB.

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