Birth Asphyxia

Dr Manigandan Chandrasekaran, Dr. R. Kishore Kumar
The diagnosis of birth asphyxia is based on detailed history, physical and neurological examinations. Supportive investigations include 1) Serum electrolytes: Markedly low serum sodium, potassium, and chloride in the presence of reduced urine flow and excessive weight gain may be present in severe HIE 2) Renal function studies: Creatinine increases 2-4 days after insult, 3) Cardiac and liver enzymes values are an adjunct to assess the degree of hypoxic-ischemic injury to these other organs, 4) Amplitude integrated EEG/EEG to evaluate seizure activity and 5) Imaging Studies such as cranial ultrasound of brain and MRI to assess brain injury severity.

Birth Asphyxia Birth Asphyxia 09/05/2018
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