Dental Caries

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Dental Caries - Introduction
Dental Caries is the most common of all oral diseases, and since the average individual has his first experience with this disease in childhood , it is particularly important to deal with it from the 1st to his 12th year of life. For in these years, the milk teeth erupt, function, exfoliate and the permanent teeth excluding the 3rd molars erupt into functional pattern.

For early treatment of dental caries, it is of utmost importance at what age the child gets his first dental checkup. It is recommended that between 11/2-2 years of age, children must have their first checkup before any extensive cavities are established.

Dental Caries very often appears as a white chalky area on the enamel. It later softens and then the tooth structure breaks down. If not treated in the initial stages, it progresses towards the pulp and will then require extensive treatment to save the tooth. Dental Caries in Children Dental Caries in Children In children, Dentistry is mainly aimed towards prevention of dental cavities. Here Fissure Sealants are of very great importance. Sealants are flowable composite resins applied onto surfaces of suscpectible teeth. They smoothen out the fissures & pits & prevent food entrapment that causes decay.

Fluoride tablets may also be prescribed in the children over 3 years of age, if drinking water consumed is not fluoridated. The Fluoride absorbed gets incorporated into the tooth enamel and makes them less suscpectible to caries

dental caries

Dental Caries Dental Caries 01/11/2005
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