Hepatitis A Vaccine

Sayenna Uduman
Available inactivated vaccines are highly immunogenic when given in their respective recommended schedules and doses. At least 95% of healthy children, adolescents, and adults have protective antibody concentrations when measured 1 month after receipt of the first dose of vaccine. One month after a second dose, more than 99% of healthy children, adolescents, and adults have protective antibody concentrations.
• Vaccine-induced protective immunity appears to be long term, with kinetics-based estimates indicating at least 20 years or longer.
• Protective efficacy in preventing clinical HAV infection is 94% to 100%
• The immune response in immunocompromised people, including people with HIV , may be suboptimal
• The vaccines are safe, are interchangeable, and can be administered at the same time as other vaccines. Adverse events are uncommon
• Inactivated vaccines are classified in pregnancy category C.
• There also is a combined HAV-HBV vaccine approved for patients 18 years and older

• Twinrix [a combination of HepB (Engerix-B, 20 µg) and Hep A (Havrix, 720 ELU)] for adults. 18 years and older.
• Viatim ( combined typhoid Vi / HA vaccine ) for adults with a booster dose after 3 years significantly increased antibody levels with some evidence of relative hypo responsiveness of the typhoid response.

Both WHO and IMA recommends a single dose subcutaneous injection at 12 months of age. Long term follow up data on immunogenicity, efficacy and safety of a single dose attenuated vaccine are limited. This vaccine is not FDA approved.

Hepatitis A Vaccine Hepatitis A Vaccine 01/09/2001
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