Questionnaire Survey Evaluating Patient Satisfaction on the Provision of Paediatric Anaesthetic Pre-operative Information

Vanessa Naguleswaran*
St George’s University of London, UK*
Aims: Are pediatric patients satisfied with the anaesthetic pre-operative assessments, in particular the location and time? Are patients satisfied with the pre-operative leaflet?

Introduction: The RCOA guidelines state that 100% of patients should have access to pre-operative information which includes a leaflet received in the post. Patients are required to come in at least two hours before the surgery to undergo the pre-operative assessment by the anaesthetist.

Methods: Face to face interviews with patients and their parents was undertaken over a course of 12 days at St George’s Hospital.

Results: 96% of patients were satisfied with the location of the pre-operative assessment. With regards to the timing, 33% of patients would have preferred to come in an alternative day to the day of surgery. 59% of patients would have preferred to have a telephone consultation. 39% of patients received the pre-operative leaflet; both the content and comprehensibility were ranked highly.

Discussion: Most of the patients were satisfied with the location and time of the pre-operative assessment. However the majority of patients would have preferred a telephone pre-operative consultation. A small percentage of patients aimed to come in closer to the time of surgery. Patients were very satisfied with the pre-operative assessment as well as the pre-operative anesthetic leaflet.

Conclusion: Patients are satisfied with the location of the pre-operative assessment. A significant proportion of parents would prefer a telephone consultation so this could be investigated. Patients are very satisfied with the pre-operative leaflet although as the majority of patients did not receive it, the next step could be to investigate why certain specialties of patients are more likely to receive the leaflet than others.
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