Diagnostic Dilemma


A 2½ months old girl presented with neonatal cholestasis with yellow stools. Elder sibling also had neonatal hepatitis with cytomegalovirus {CMV} infection and was treated with valganciclovir. In this child, on examination, weight was 4.7 kg and there was hepatomegaly. HIDA showed normal excretion of dye. CMV IgM was positive. Mother’s CMV IgM and IgG were both positive.

Is this recurrent CMV infection in the mother_?
Expert Opinion :
Yes, this is recurrent CMV as mother again has CMV IgM positive. Her CMV avidity test was also high suggestive of reactivation. In 10 percent women there may be reactivation of CMV during pregnancy. However, recurrent CMV leading to neonatal hepatitis in 2 children is rare.
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