Diagnostic Dilemma

Recurrent ascites

An 8 years old boy had loss of consciousness for 3 days 3 years ago along with abdominal distension following which he was hospitalized and subsequently got better. He also had fracture of right humerus following trivial fall 2 years ago. Now again he had abdominal distension for past 15 days along with hematemesis. There was no jaundice. Elder brother died of hematemesis 4 days ago. On examination, he has hepatosplenomegaly and ascites. Liver function tests were normal, though he had pancytopenia.

What is the likely diagnosis_?
Expert Opinion :
Recurrent ascites, hematemesis, hepatosplenomegaly, family history and fracture suggests Wilson’s disease. This child was screened for the same and subsequently detected to have Wilson`s disease.
Answer Discussion :
farzandali siddiqui
Acute Luecomoid Leukaemia
9 years ago
farhan ahmed
acute abdomen
9 years ago

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