Diagnostic Dilemma

IPT for recurrent TB exposure

Three children aged less than 6years (youngest being 3yrs) have been given 6 months of INH prophylactic therapy as per RNTCP recommendations (10mg/Kg/day) as the grandfather had smear positive tuberculosis. They all completed the prophylaxis just a month ago and are asymptomatic and underweight. Now the uncle who lives in the same family is detected to have smear positive tuberculosis. They belong to indigenous tribal community and live together in a small, poorly ventilated hut. There are no specific guidelines for such scenarios and it is common for single tribal family to have two or three adult tuberculosis cases getting diagnosed at intervals.

Now should the children be given INH again as prophylaxis?
Expert Opinion :
Yes, the INH prophylaxis should be continued as uncle is smear positive. In addition, the kids should be periodically checked for active TB
Answer Discussion :
No they shoud be scrinned
8 years ago
Oyejide Oloyede
No the child shouldn`t be given.
8 years ago

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