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Have you ever wondered how do we see so many objects around us? So many colors that we see?

You know that eyes are the organs of vision. When we close our eyes, we cannot see and when we open it, the entire world is there to be explored.

How do our eyes see?

Well, our eyes do not see. But they are the medium, through which we can see and look. The rays of light enter our eyes and hit the lens present in the eye. These rays then excite the nerves, which carry message to the brain. The brain then understands what the eye is trying to tell and sees the object that the eye was looking at. Similarly, we can see different colors, darkness and brightness. By varying the intensity of rays that fall on the eye, we can make out the different colors.

Imagine all that a blind man is missing out!

Even though he has eyes, he cannot see. That is because, there is some problem either in the eye or in the nerves that connect the eyes to the brain.

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