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Have you ever wondered what happens to all that food that we eat? What happens to all that pizza, burgers and fries that we eat? Where does it all go? After all, we eat variety of food but all that comes out is yucky, smelly stools that we pass each day in the morning in the toilet. How does that happen?

Well, when we eat food, the first thing is that our teeth along with the saliva chew and chew on it to make it softer. This softened food is then swallowed and passes down the food pipe to enter into the stomach. In the stomach the food is further broken down by the various juices (especially hydrochloric acid) that are present in the stomach The food then enters our intestines, a long tube, which may be narrow (small intestine) or broad (large intestine). There other juices are present that digest our food and all the energy from the food is absorbed into the blood as nutrients and supplied as energy for the body. The liver and the pancreas are two organs of the body that also help in the digestion of the food by secreting the various
juices in the intestines.

After all the energy is absorbed, the waste that remains is thrown out from the body in the form of stools.

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