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Lungs are the organs of the body through which we breathe.

Have you ever tried to blow a balloon. You huff and you puff and blow the air in to make the balloon bigger. And when you let go off it then, the air just rushes out as the balloon deflates back to its original size. That is exactly how the lungs function. You have to make an effort to breathe in and air enters your lung whereas breathing out occurs on its own due to the elasticity of the lungs.

We breathe through our nose, the air passes through the windpipe into the lungs. Our lungs are made up of small tubes and still smaller balloons so that we can breathe in all the possible fresh air as possible.

When we breathe, the body takes in the oxygen that it needs and removes the carbon dioxide that it doesn't need.

The oxygen from the lungs enters the blood through which it is distributed to all the organs of the body and carbon dioxide from the blood enters the lungs and is given out as we exhale.

Thus, without our lungs, we would not be able to survive even for a few minutes.

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