K i d s   C o r n e r


Kidneys are essential organs of the body. Kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs about the size of your stretched palm located between your ribs and the hips in the abdomen near the back.

The kidneys main function is to remove the waste from our body. They act like the garbage collectors and disposers. Both help to maintain our body clean and healthy..

Blood carrying all the waste enters into both the kidneys and the waste is collected from the blood by special filters present in the kidney. These special filters are called nephrons (pronounced as nef – rons). Each kidney has over a million nephrons. This waste in each kidney along with water forms the urine. This urine passes down tubes called as ureters (pronounced as u – ray – ters) into the bladder a bag that stores the kidney. When the bladder becomes full, you get the sensation that you want to pee and when you go to the bathroom, the urine is passed out from the bladder via another tube called as the urethra (pronounced as u – ray – th – ra). The kidneys thus maintain a fluid and mineral balance in the body.

The kidneys also make hormones and other substances that maintain our blood pressure, make our bones stronger and also maintain the red blood cells in our body. Did you know that kidneys also play an important part in making us grow taller?

And god has been kind to provide us with two kidneys to do all that work. But do not worry, even one kidney is enough!

"Went to the Olympics in Sydney
And ate a lot of jelly beans
They reminded me of my kidney
And to know more I was all keen".

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