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Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome - an Unexpected Diagnosis and the Importance of Prevention
Filipa Urbano1, Catarina Marques Duarte1, Carla Simão2, Bárbara Matos Águas2, A. Siborro de Azevedo2.
1Department of Pediatrics, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon North Hospital and University Center, Lisbon, Portugal,
2General Pediatrics Unit of the Medical Pediatrics Service, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon North Hospital and University Center, Lisbon, Portugal.
Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome refers to perihepatitis associated with female genital tract infection. Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae are the main etiological agents. A 17-year-old female presented with right abdominal pain for five days, radiating to the right shoulder associated with fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Blood tests revealed raised levels of inflammatory markers, GGT, amylase and lipase. Abdominal ultrasonography showed no abnormality but abdominal and pelvic CT demonstrated perihepatitis. The adolescent reported the practice of unprotected sex and etiological investigation revealed N. gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis in urethral and vaginal discharge respectively. These findings were suggestive of Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome. She was treated with azithromycin and ceftriaxone and had marked clinical improvement.

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