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Management of sialorrhea in children
Bruna Melo1, Raquel Araújo2, Maria João Azevedo2, Rosa Amorim1, Lurdes Palhau2.
1Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service, Senhora da Oliveira- Guimarães Hospital, Porto, Portugal,
2Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service, Porto Hospital and Unversity Center, Porto, Portugal.
Sialorrhea is the uncontrolled leakage of saliva outside the mouth. This term commonly refers to anterior sialorrhea and should be distinguished from posterior sialorrhea, in which saliva spills through the oropharynx into the hypopharynx. It is considered pathologic beyond the age of four years. Chronic sialorrhea is seen in children with abnormal oral sensation and/or motor control and more infrequently when there is excessive production of saliva. Sialorrhea can lead to functional and clinical consequences for children, families and caregivers. In most cases, sialorrhea can be diagnosed from a history and physical examination, and additional investigation is usually unnecessary. Management of this disorder is complex and should be addressed by a multidisciplinary team, progressing from conservative to more invasive treatments. The present document intends to review and update the clinical aspects of sialorrhea in children.

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