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Autoimmune Liver Disease In Children
Aarti Rahangdale.
Consultant Pediatrician, Aadhya Multispecialty Hospital, Gondia, Maharashtra, India.
Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is characterized by inflammatory liver histology, circulating-non-organ specific autoantibodies and increased level of transaminases and serum immunoglobulins in absence of a known etiology. Two types of AIH have been described – Type-1 AIH which has positive smooth muscle antibody (SMA) and/or antinuclear antibody (ANA) & Type-2 AIH which has antibodies to liver-kidney microsomal (anti-LKM). Both types have female preponderance. We report a series of 6 patients (5 girls, 1 boy) with AIH (5 Type-1 AIH & 1 Type-2 AIH) who had varied presentations (5 patients presented with jaundice of which 4 patients had acute symptoms and one had jaundice for 2 months. Two patients had recurrent episodes of jaundice and one patient with Type-2 AIH had failure to thrive with hepatosplenomegaly and alopecia partialis). Three patients with AIH Type-1 were treated with oral prednisolone and had normalization of liver enzymes within 6 months of therapy and are in remission. Remaining 3 patients refused treatment. All other causes of liver disease including viral hepatitis, Wilson’s disease were ruled out in these patients.

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