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Isolated Demyelinating Optic Neuritis in Neurotuberculosis
Souvik Mitra, Moumita Samanta, Mihir Sarkar, Sukanta Chatterjee.
Department of Pediatrics, Medical College, Kolkata, India.
Isolated demyelinating optic neuritis is a rare presenting feature of neurotuberculosis in the pediatric population. Most of the optic neuritis cases that are reported in pediatric tuberculosis are usually associated with other focal neurodeficits or follow anti-tubercular therapy, especially ethambutol. Here we report a 9 year old boy presenting with fever, headache and rapid onset blindness with no focal neurodeficits. He was diagnosed with demyelinating optic neuritis with evidence of neurotuberculosis and was managed successfully with anti-tubercular drug therapy and corticosteroids. Being an endemic country, neurotuberculosis should be considered as a potential cause of demyelinating optic neuritis in the pediatric population.

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