ISSN - 0973-0958

DOI : 10.7199/ped.oncall.2012.48
Clemax Couto Sant`Anna*, Alessandra Nunes Fonseca**, Maria de Fatima B Pombo March *, Carlos Henrique Boasquevisque*, Sidnei Ferreira*, Kalil Madi*
*Faculty of Medicine, **Pediatric pulmonologist, Instituto de Puericultura e Pediatria Martagao Gesteira. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Pulmonary carcinoid tumor is a rare malignant neoplasia in children and adolescents. The diagnosis, in general, is difficult therefore needs some degree of suspicion. We present 2 adolescents aged 12 and 15 years respectively who had recurrent pneumonia with hemoptysis. Thoracic radiography showed right perihilar and right upper lobe masses, respectively. Bronchoscopy revealed smooth surface vegetative lesions. Histopathologic findings had been characteristic of carcinoid and the follow-up was favorable in both cases.
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