Epilepsy Smart band for use in Children

Reepa Agrawal
Epilepsy Smart band for use in Children 01 Feb, 2019

A wearable smart band for children older than six years of age with epilepsy is now approved by US FDA for seizure monitoring. This smart band is waterproof and transmits data via bluetooth to a paired smartphone. It contains sensors for electro dermal activity (EDA) and temperature, accelerometer and gyroscope. The sensors detect movement patterns and sympathetic system changes associated with generalised seizures. It is not able to detect absence seizures, complex partial seizures and non-convulsive seizures. This smart band on detecting any seizure then sends alerts to caregivers through the alert app. This medical device was tested in a clinical trial with 141 patients with epilepsy, of which 80 were in the age group between 6 to 21 years. This trial showed an accuracy rate of a promising 98% wherein it was able to identify 53 out of 54 generalised tonic clonic seizures. This smart band will help patients suffering from epilepsy and their caregivers as a tool for seizure alerts, monitoring and data storage like a seizure diary. This smart band is manufactured by Empatica.

Source: FDA

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