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Posted On : 26 May 2016
11 day old having gestational age of 29-30 wks admitted on day one with grunting,on x ray there was ground glass appeararnce relatives were not ready to give survanta,recovered frm resp dstress,since last 4 days platelet count of baby is in the range of 11000-15000,crp positive not rising titre,with min brown ngt aspirate,on inj.cepime,cipro,mikacin,metro.received platelet once,ffp thrice,bld culture is negative twice,what can be done now_?
Expert Answer :
It appears like a typical case of RDS with secondary sepsis or it could be that baby had intra-uterine sepsis predisposing for early delivery. Needs aggressive management of sepsis with NORMAL antibiotics rather than such STRONG ones. This baby will need bowel rest for 7 days for suspected NEC and probably parenteral nutrition - should be ideally managed in a tertiary NICU.
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