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Posted On : 13 Oct 2016
a 10 year old child presented with sudden onset of headache followed by loss of consciousness for a brief period to be noticed by the mother and was arouse by splashing water on his face .there was no post ictal weakness or no history of similar episode. no history of any jerky movements was present. only history that could be elicited was that after headache there was a blackout and chakkar after which he fell unconscious. on examination vitals were normal .CT,EEG and ophthalmological examination were normal.There is no family history of any migraine or seizure.This episode was encountered during early morning while the child was getting ready for his school.What is likely diagnosis and what investigations should be done. can it be a seizure even though the eeg is normal. What could have been the cause for the headache which was localized over the vertex region
Expert Answer :
Get an ECG done to rule out an arryhthmia. Also it could be a TIA. Thus both neurological and cardiological evaluation may be needed. It may also be a plain vasovagal syncope.
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