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Posted On : 09 Sep 2018
a 11 month old infant ,who is otherwise normal but brought to my clinic with complaints of stiffening of upper limbs while he throws tantrums and his wishes not being fulfilled.This episode lasts for few seconds and child is normal again.there is no post ictal phenomena.Child is normal neurologically.There is no h, o any birth injury.Had history of fall at home number of times but that was uneventful.Mother complains of multiple such episodes duting the day and even when he is playing.Neurologiccally child is normal with normal milestones.Could this be temper tantrums or infantile myoclonus or some other diagnosis.How should i go with the disease.
Expert Answer :
This is a behavioural response. not suggestive of myoclonus at all. ignore and counsel parents not to give in to him.

Anaita Udwadia-Hegde
Pediatric Neurologist,
Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre
Wadia Children`s Hospital,
Mumbai, India.
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salma faroug
temper tantrum
3 years ago
temper tantrums
3 years ago
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temper tantrums
3 years ago
Onyeka C
temper tantrums
3 years ago
George M
it is temper tantrums
3 years ago

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