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Posted On : 09 Oct 2018
a 12 year old child presented with pain for last 2-3 year.Had a symptom free interval for a year in between.CT scan reveals mild splenomegaly amd mild mucosal thickening in small bowel in right lumbar region.Serum amylase and Lipase are within normal limits. ther is eosinophilia of 15 percent.TLC, DLC are within normkal limits. USG abdomen done earlier showes mesenteric lymphadenopathy.The child had received antibiotics and antiulcer medicines no. of times .There is no history of fever or weight loss.Pain is very severe in nature and is described as needle piercing.and not associated with any vomiting and no specific relieving or aggravating factors and can occur no. of time in a single day with no diurnal variation.UGI endoscopy is within normal limits.weight is 27 kg.What diagnosis should be kept in mind and what investigations should be done to clinch the diagnosis.Elisa for TB was normal
Expert Answer :
Rule out abdominal TB. Since CT is showing mucosal thickening in the small bowel, get a Barium meal follow through
Answer Discussion :
naitram singh
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis
2 years ago
may be appendicitis or worms
2 years ago
there is no history of weight loss or any other Abdominal symptoms .... functional causes of abdominal pain such as IBS , Abdominal migraine can be there . that's why all the investigation came out to be normal.... Diagnostic laparoscopy can be performed in such cases.
2 years ago
D Manjunath
Non specific pain abdomen
2 years ago
Alok Kumar
worm infwstation
2 years ago

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