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Posted On : 15 Sep 2018
a 2 year old female child being treated as a case of acute lymphoblastic leukamia,develops retention of urine and distension of bladder which was relieved after catheterization,develops respiratory distres and distension of abdomen.on clinical examination the distension was due to obstuction which was revealed on ct scan as adynamic obstruction of large gut which was relieved after conservative management.Child also gave a history of loose stools for last 2-3 days.Serum electrolytes were normal.She had also received intrathecal injections as a part of ongoing chemotherapy.The child eventually developed weakness in lower limbs and subsequently difficulty in deglutition.and mild respiratory distress.What is the diagnosis .Can we think of GBS as our first diagnosis.What other differential diagnosis should we keep in mind while treating the patient
Expert Answer :
2 other possibilities are toxic reaction to intrathecal drug theraoy and leukemic deposits causing cord compression. MRI of the spine with contrast followed by { if normal } Lumbar puncture CSF exam recommended
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harshavardhan gantyala
hypokalemia ,periodic paralysis
3 years ago
drahmed fawzy
Cns involvement
3 years ago
Staccato cough
3 years ago
Allan Juma
3 years ago
amna dhoom
GBS still can be one of defferential
but ill put in in the bottom

3 years ago

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