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Posted On : 30 Mar 2017
A 2.4 kg male baby born to a second gravida healthy mother
at 36 weeks. baby has absent forearm and hand on right side. It looks like a below elbow amputation. there are no other anomalies of face, limbs or any systemic involvement. baby developed sepsis on 2nd day withneutropenia and mild thrombocytopenia.still in nicu on anti biotics.
What could be the likely cause apart from amniotic bands.
Expert Answer :
i would rule out h, o radiation during pregnancy , eg parents staying in an industrial belt with too many chemical factories within 5km radius , near tarapur or BARc region or the likes .
Also do xarys of both tibiae ,to rule out a subtle hemimelia there ,and also do a genetic study could eb a severe phenotype variant of TAR syndrome.-
Answer Discussion :
parisa pakdel
chediak higashi
4 years ago
Rolando Lezama
TAR syndrome
4 years ago
congenital varicella infection
4 years ago
Raja Nandyal
If that infant`s physical exam shows no dysmorphic features except for absent fore arm and hand, amniotic band is most likely. If you give the actual numbers for neutropenia and thrombocytopenia, it helps us. Early onset sepsis from a gram negative {even gram positive bacteria} is a good possibility.
4 years ago
Chandrashekar Hiregoudar
amniotic band syndrome
4 years ago

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