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Posted On : 04 Jul 2016
a 27 months old child has bow legs ,he was treated with vitamin d3 and calcium for 3 months one year ago but he did not improve till not.i did to him serum ca,ph and alkaline phosphatase. the result was:ca=9,9 , ph=6,8 perlkaline phosphatase=156.and his x-ray shows wide metaphysis but no other signs of active rickets i gave him alpha calcidol for one month. is serum phosphorus high according to this age and is this indicate a probability of a kidney problem_? what should i do later_?
Expert Answer :
Since the child has bow legs and has not improved after vitamin D supplements, it is unlikely to be vitamin D deficiency. Besides the alkaline phosphatase is not high and phosphorus is on high normal range. Rule out other causes such as renal osteodystrophy, RTA. Get a 25 hydroxy vitamin D levels done. Also this could be physiological bowing if it is not severe.
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