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Posted On : 04/11/2018 00:00:22
a 6 years old boy is referred for investigation of tall stature, and precocious puberty. his height is 4 standard deviation above the mean for age. he has tanner stage 3 or 4, penile enlargement and pubic hair with some fine axillary hair. testicular volume 3 - 4 ml. blood pressure is 110, 50 mmhg. bone age 13 years, LH Less than 1unit, L. testosterone 5.1 nmol, L, 17-hydroxyprogesterone 168nmol, L, 24 hour urinary steroid {elevated pregnantriol and 11 oxysteroid}. kindly guide the diagnosis and approach. thanks a lot.
Expert Answer :
Rule out adrenal hyperplasia. Consult a pediatric endocrinologist.
Answer Discussion :
Rajesh Wankhede
Cong.adrenal hyperplasia
bhakti bhuva
anterior pituitary adenoma
kyourk diemirjyan
Hypophys Tumor
CAh most probably
drahmed fawzy
Pseudo precocious puberty CAH

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