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Posted On : 18 Oct 2017
Can we diagnose thallesemia by just seeing the CBC and GBP report
Expert Answer :
CBC report can help you suspect Thalassaemia but to confirm you need to do HB electrophoresis.
The PS on CBC in a thalassaemic very often gives you the clue.
Classic Peripheral smear changes suggestive of Thalassaemia are:
RBC morphology shows Target cells, basophilic stippling, cabot ring, howell jolly bodies, gross anispoikilocytosis
There are plenty of Nucleated RBCs.
This is a classical pic of thalassaemia Major patient.
In sickle Thal you may or may not see sickle cells on PS thus one has to do Sickling and Hb electrophoresis in a suspected case of sickle cell disease.
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drshailaja zade
yes w can
3 years ago

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