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Posted On : 10 Aug 2018
diarrhoea treatment protocol mentions that routine stool examination is not recomended .But it also mentions that more thah ten puscells per highpower field is an indication for starting antibitics. how can puscells be detected without stooln examination
Expert Answer :
One usually would not require a stool examination unless there is blood in stools or if diarrhea persists more than 7 days. Thus antibiotics are not prescribed for all diarrhea except dysentery or if diarrhea persists more than 7 days and then stool shows pus cells.
Answer Discussion :
3 years ago
George M
if the sickness is severe. an antibiotic indicating stool. fever gives no indication for antibiotics
3 years ago
saravanan pal
clinical scenarios where one can start antibiotics in discovering are dysentry, SAM with diahorrea, immunocompromised children due to various reasons.
3 years ago
zohdi alhanouty
Puss cells are a microscopic finding. But mucoid diarrhea is an indicator of bacterial diarrhea in most cases.
3 years ago
If patient very sick
3 years ago

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