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Posted On : 12/16/2017 11:00:08 PM
do blood transfusion alter bone marrow study_? if so what is the minimal time gap between a transfusion and a bone marrow study. {in anemia work up case}
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There are have been reports of fresh blood transfusion altering the course of disease in patients with leukemia. In patients with thalassemia, it may be difficult to do hemoglobin electrophoresis following transfusion in which case it is deferred till at least 3 months after transfusion. In cases of aplastic anemia, transfusion does not alter the blood picture.
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Osama Mustafa Simsaa
90 days
28 Days ago
Ali Almaghrby
2 weeks
28 Days ago
akram baloch
3 months
28 Days ago
L karpagam
does not affect
29 Days ago
Arnav shrestha
doesnot affect
29 Days ago

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