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Posted On : 15 Apr 2019
i am seeing a lot of patients who come to me with
thromboctopenia and widal positive their titre are
styphi O 1, 160 or more but dengue ELISA negative.but after one week they become dengue IgM positive.please explain is it coinfection dengue with typhiod or amnestic reaction or some thing else_?_?
Expert Answer :
If dengue is initially negative and then becomes positive it tells you that it is dengue fever. Thrombocytopenia is not usually seen with typhoid and may be amnestic reaction or a previous positive widal related.
Answer Discussion :
Dilip Deshpande
Many a times widal test is false positive .always ask for typhi dot IgM.
5 years ago
Shamsudin Farhat
5 years ago

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