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Posted On : 06 Apr 2018
i have given vaxigrip ist dose to 2 years old 2 nd dose is due today. it contains seasonal flu strain as you know sir. if i wait for a month and give thenew vaxigrip which contains novel hini strain in addition to seasonal flu strain is it justifiable_? there would be a gap of 2 months between the doses also baby will receive one shot of swine flu {novel h1n1} strain what to do sir_? please guide me_?
Expert Answer :
You can administer both the doses simultaneously at two different sites e.g two thighs or alternatively can give the H1N1 vaccine at least one month after the vaxigrip dose
Answer Discussion :
ravi bhatia
Yes it is advisable, you can wait for another month
3 years ago

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